BA in English

Earn a BA in English at USCB

The main objective of the program is to advance the development of graduates who connect texts and worlds and who connect their individual lives to the regional and global communities of which they become a part. The English major prepares these graduates for a wide range of professional, civic and personal opportunities through the work of self-determination in a supportive and challenging environment.

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The program also promotes the wider aims and goals of the humanities in dynamic social, political and economic spaces, investing in the ongoing cultural work that we collectively inherit and reinvent.


Student Learning Outcomes

USCB seeks to ensure that all students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in English…

  • Demonstrate attention to detail through deep reading practices that synthesize formal, intertextual and contextual literacies to analyze the nuanced play of language across periods, histories, geographic or national spaces and cultural differences.
  • Compose texts creatively, coherently, and persuasively with responsiveness to various purposes, audiences, contexts and media. 
  • Explore literature in English as a body of knowledge open to multiple interpretations and formulate their own interpretations in ways that reflect awareness of and diverse approaches to aesthetic values, generic conventions, historical contexts as well as cultural and ideological orientations. 
  • Critically apply theoretical and philosophical frameworks to the positions they articulate and communicate how they impact perspectives on texts, movements and cultures. 
  • Demonstrate intellectual and practical sensitivity to multiple perspectives and identities for the purpose of empathetic civic engagement across local, national and global communities and articulate the complexities of challenging discourses and institutions.
  • Design and manage sophisticated projects, broadening their thinking and developing their ideas through scholarly research and writing processes that focus on inquiry and conversation for academic and public audiences.

English Majors can Choose between these Optional Concentrations:

Concentration in Creative Writing

Creative Writing Collaboration



Concentration in Professional Writing

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Minor in English at USCB

Students who are majoring in other disciplines may choose to minor in English (Literature), English (Professional Writing) or English (Creative Writing)

Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisor before declaring a minor. 

The department offers three different minors in English: a minor in Literature, a minor in Creative Writing and a minor in Professional Writing. If you are not majoring in English already, pursuing any minor in English is an excellent way for you to 1) demonstrate to employers you have the writing, critical thinking, research and creativity skills they desire, to 2) spend some time thinking and writing about great stories, poems and plays and to 3) indulge your inner muse and your inner word nerd (both of which we know you have or otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page!) 

Literature Creative Writing Professional Writing

___ 6 credits of literature courses ENGL 201+

___ 12 credits of literature courses ENGL 301+

___ 3 credits of ENGL 222 Creative Writing Across the Curriculum

___ 3 credits of literature courses ENGL 201+

___ 3 credits of literature courses ENGL 301+

___9 credits of ENGL 322 Playwriting, 464 Poetry Workshop, or 465 Fiction Workshop (464 and 465 can be taken twice for credit)

___ 3 credits of ENGL 460 Professional Writing Workshop

___ 6 credits selected from ENGL 450 through ENGL 470 (all language and writing courses)

___ 6 credits of ENGL 200+ (1 credit courses can work)

___ 3 credits of ENGL 300+ (1 credit courses can work)


The student seeking a minor must pass all courses completed for the minor with a grade of 'C' or better. Courses used to satisfy requirements for the minor may apply toward a student's general education requirements but cannot be applied toward the major. If a student elects more than one minor, these minors may not have any courses in common. Students must complete at least half of the minor's credits at USCB.

Edra Stephens
“My time at USCB has been life altering. Each class took me deeper into words, something I’ve always had a love for. I enjoyed each class; they all gave me something different to chew on. Seeing words with new eyes you become a more critical participant in life. Being embraced by the most amazing professors in the English, Theater and Interdisciplinary Studies Department encourages you to grow, along with the support to find your voice. In ETIS I found the place I’ve always longed for: to be in a happy discourse each class with my fellow scholars.”
Edra Stephens
English Major with Concentration in Creative Writing, Class of 2022