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USCB French Program

Course Description

Students shall demonstrate in one foreign language the ability to comprehend the topic and main ideas in written and, with the exception of Latin and Ancient Greek, spoken texts on familiar subjects. For foreign languages taught at USCB, this requirement may be satisfied and credit earned by proficiency through a USCB Foreign Language Challenge Exam. For all other foreign languages, the requirement is waived after USCB certification but no credit is earned by demonstrating an equivalent proficiency.

Waiver of Foreign Language Requirement for Bilingual Speakers: Students whose native language is other than English and who have scored either 550 on the paper-based, 213 on the computer-based, or 77 on the internet based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), are exempt, without credit, from USCB’s language requirement. English-speaking students who document or certify native or near-native proficiency in a language other than English are also exempt, without credit, from this requirement.


A minor is intended to develop a coherent basic preparation in a second field of study. Students who do not major in these fields may pursue a minor. It differs from a cognate in that the courses must be concentrated in one area and should follow a structured sequence. Students interested in proposing individualized minor programs of study should seek the advice of the academic department. Students who do not major in these fields may pursue a minor.

A minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours specified by a discipline. At least half of these hours must be completed at USCB and the student must pass all courses completed for the minor with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Courses used to satisfy requirements for the minor may apply toward a student's general education requirements but cannot be applied toward the major. If a student elects more than one minor, these minors may not have any courses in common.

Completion of a minor is not required for graduation, but students may elect to complete a minor and have it noted on their transcripts. To have a minor certified and noted on a transcript, a student must obtain a Minor petition from the Office of the Registrar and file it no later than the second week of the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Because choice of a minor and course selection within the minor differently impact students academic credentials. You are strongly encouraged to consult your advisor before declaring a minor.

Minor Requirements

FREN B201, B202, one of B290 or B295 (or HRTM B295), B301 plus two additional courses at 300+level.

Only one course taught in English can be applied to this minor.