Minor in French

Learn to Speak French Like a Native at USCB

Students in France

Bonjour! Through formal instruction and conversation, USCB students — from beginners to near-native speakers — learn all the components of the French language: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and cultural competencies.

A French minor at USCB requires a minimum of 18 hours credit including:

  • FREN B201, B202, one of B290 or B295 (or HRTM B295), B301 plus two additional courses at 300+level.

Only one course taught in English can be applied to this minor.

At least half of these hours must be completed at USCB and you must pass all these courses with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Courses used to satisfy requirements of your French minor count toward general education requirements but not your major. You are strongly encouraged to consult your advisor before declaring a minor.

French Challenge Exam 

The French Challenge Exam offers to students who have placed by examination into higher level language classes (via placement exams)  the opportunity to obtain credit for lower level classes they were not required to take. To receive credit for classes you exempted, you must past the French Challenge Exam with a grade of B or higher.

The French Challenge Exam is also the final exam for students taking FREB 101 or 102. It is a combination of oral and written work in French.

Brianna Wells, Class of 2023
“I took 3 years of French in high school but what I learned then is nothing compared to what I am learning at USCB! Dr. Álvarez provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for her students to feel comfortable learning a new language. Foreign language was a general education requirement for my degree, but this class has made me want to learn more French language and culture. I value being able to speak to people who may not speak English and understanding and appreciating a culture different than my own.”
Brianna Wells, Class of 2023
Business Administration Major, Management concentration