Human Services

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

A Degree Whose Time has Come

University of South Carolina, Beaufort’s (USCB) baccalaureate degree in Human Services prepares students for employment or advanced study in the art and science of care.  As a growing field of study emerging in response to an increasingly sophisticated global economy, this liberal arts interdisciplinary degree produces graduates with attitudes, values, knowledge, and skills to make a positive difference.  In addition to Human Services courses, the program draws heavily from the disciplines of sociology and psychology. It also provides a series of internships so that students gain the ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned through their coursework.

The program was awarded accreditation in December 2018 from the National Council on Standards for Human Services Education. USCB's program is the only accredited bachelor's degree in Human Services in South Carolina.


For more information on the Human Services major,
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Najmah Thomas PhD., Associate Professor and Program Coordinator -
Dawn Robinson PhD., Assistant Professor -
John Leadem MA., Human Services Program Internship Coordinator-