Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Collaborate and Expand Your Horizons with Multi-Disciplinary Computer Science Courses

Students at Laptop

At USCB a growing number of computer science students take media arts and digital humanities courses.  By combining technical skills in with creative aesthetics and problem solving, they are well-positioned for careers in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Recent multi-disciplinary courses available to Computational Science (CSCI) and Information Science and Technology (ISAT) majors include:

  • Agile Practices in Video Game Production is a project-based course where students work in a team to create a polished video game prototype. They learn to use principles and practices from software product design and development to bring their game to life. Their projects could be suitable for commercial development and distribution. Many students who take this course have some prior experience in game development (using Java or a similar programming language) or digital art, but it's not a requirement. 
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities offers an overview of digital humanities and the methods used in this field. Students discuss key questions and learn from local experts, through hands-on exercises and a collaborative projects. They develop applications, generate artwork, and characterize documents and data using languages like HTML/CSS, XML, and JavaScript to gain a deeper understanding of gaming, digital archiving, information visualization, digital publishing models, and other aspects of the digital humanities.

Students Create 3D Video Games

Watch Information Science and Technology (ISAT) student Tgaja Johnson explain the game she and other USCB computer science & media arts students created in the Fall 2022 inaugural edition of Agile Practices in Video Game Production (CSCI B409 / ARTS B395), which was co-taught by Dr. Brian Canada (Computer Science) and Prof. Jim Sidletsky (Media Arts):