Kasia Pawelek, PhD

Kasia Pawelek, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

SciTech Room 214
One University Boulevard
Bluffton, SC 29909
Office: 843-208-8330
Kasia Pawelek, PhD

My name is Dr. Kasia Pawelek. I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at USCB. I have been teaching at USCB since 2012 and have been tenured since 2016.  

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics in 2008. I earned a Master of Arts in Mathematics in 2009. I earned my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan in 2012. My thesis was on Mathematical modeling of virus infections and immune responses.  

My research interests include Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, such as, ones caused by Influenza virus, West Nile virus, and soil-transmitted helminths. As well as data analysis and predictions from Mathematical models to various fields. I have written many peer reviewed pieces that mainly dealt with my research interests from 2012-2020. I have also presented at many seminars and conferences upon invitation to present my research from 2011-2019. I have also contributed to several other presentations and have attended many conferences to keep up with the research in my field of interest.  

I have enjoyed teaching many Mathematics courses here at USCB for the past decade and enjoy working with students to help them achieve their academic goals. I have also worked with students at USCB in the Mathematical Modeling Research Group since 2012. I enjoy working with this research group since it allows me to encourage USCB students to pursue their own research interests and expand their knowledge with hands-on learning interactions.

  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Research

PhD in Applied Mathematics. Oakland University

  • MATH B111L - Intensive College Algebra
  • MATH B115 - Precalculus Mathematics
  • MATH B141 - Calculus I
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Infectious Disease Modeling
  • Data Analysis and Predictions