Concentration in Media Arts

Earn a Concentration in Media Arts 

Media Arts Class with Projectors

Studio Art majors can declare a concentration in media arts. Choose from classes in digital animation, broadcast design, and video game design. USCB media arts students have gone on to exciting and lucrative career in film, television, and interactive media. Many juniors and seniors pursing a concentration in media arts complete internships with local media and technology companies.



Teams of USCB students from a cross-listed computer science and media arts course created the games in this video. Check out the fantastic artwork!

  • "Hamsters" is a platform jumping game that challenges players to navigate through obstacles while avoiding pitfalls.
  • "Last Minute" is a 3D escape room game where players must escape from a locked room before time runs out.
  • In "Soulfull," an infinite runner game, players control a character running through an ever-changing landscape while collecting coins and power-ups. 

Media Arts Students Group

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Charlyce President
“I’m concentrating in media arts and graphic design, and my favorite class is printmaking. It’s relaxing to carve artwork on the block and see the result of your print. In the Studio Art program there are amazing professors and upperclassmen who welcomed me with open arms.”
Charlyce President
Studio Art major, Class of 2023