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What started as a strike by students and faculty in the 1960s in San Francisco, has become a department and program at many universities across the country. At USCB, African American Studies is a broad introduction to the history, culture, religion, institutions, politics, economics, arts, and psychology of people of African descent as developed from experience in both the old and new worlds. The minor aims to provide students an understanding of the history and culture of African Americans; to introduce students to the diversity of African American experiences in a variety of disciplines; and to promote the study of African American history and culture in the larger community.

Minor in African American Studies at USCB

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A minor in African American Studies helps our students, faculty, staff and community members consider a fuller range of the multifaceted and interrelated cultures and experiences of African Americans and people of African descent. This minor allows participants to engage with complex issues in innovative ways that are often beyond the scope of other programs. Courses employ interdisciplinary tools and resources to help explore and evaluate historical and contemporary cultural, social, economic and political developments from the perspective of people of African descent in the US. As an area of academic inquiry, African American Studies comprises a discreet, integral body of knowledge and is very well-suited as a minor for all other fields of study. 

Minor requirements:

Students who are majoring in other disciplines may choose to minor in African American Studies. The required courses to complete a minor in African American Studies are:

  • AFAM B201 (3 credits)
  • AFAM B202 (3 credits)
  • 12 credits from at least three different disciplines from the following: EDCI B322, ENGL B270, ENGL B419, ENGL B420, ENGL B428, ENGL B429, ENGL B439, ENGL B441, HIST B352, HIST B415, HIST B443, HIST B492, HMSV B498, IDST B330, IDST B331, IDST B351, IDST B352, IDST B397, SOCY B309, SOCY B314, SOCY B355.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisor before declaring a minor. 

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