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The Minor in Anthropology program at the University of South Carolina Beaufort helps students understand the interconnectivity of knowledge about people and their cultures by bridging the social sciences, humanities, business and natural sciences. Anthropology is the only contemporary discipline that approaches issues from historical, biological, linguistic and cultural perspectives. 

Anthropology for Today's World

Anthropology ClassroomAnthropology provides insight and training particularly well-suited to the 21st century. The economy is increasingly international; workforces and markets are increasingly diverse, participatory management and decision-making increasingly important, and communication skills are increasingly in demand.

The wide range of thought-provoking and relevant topics help students:

  • Improve their written and oral communication skills
  • Increase their cross-cultural understanding
  • Develop their skills in social research qualitative interviewing as well as design and interpretation of quantitative methods
  • Analyze the root causes of social problems and work towards solutions with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds

What We Offer


Joey Daniello
“Anthropology is an important discipline for everyone, no matter what your major is. As a species, mankind is constantly evolving, and to better understand where we’re going, we need to understand where we’ve come from. I love history and travel so minoring in anthropology made perfect sense. I love learning about new places, cultures, religions and people, and I felt that anthropology would help me to better understand the world and to look deeply into the rich diversity of places.”
Joey Daniello
History Major & Anthropology Minor, Class of 2023