Pre-Law Track

History/Pre-Law Track at USCB


History's emphasis on reading and interpreting evidence, appreciating context and writing makes it an ideal major for students preparing for law school.

The History/Pre-Law track is designed to prepare students for law programs through developing their writing, research and analytical skills in History and in other related disciplines.

You will acquire the knowledge base, intellectual rigor and academic skills necessary to prepare for law school and a legal career.

Students, who have completed USCB’s History/Pre-Law, track have been admitted to top law schools in South Carolina and nationwide.

Madison G. Mindermann
“USCB is perfect for small class sizes and to be able to receive one-on-one help with professors if needed. One of the best aspects of the History program is the skills I learned and developed, such as analysis and writing. I’ve been able to apply these skills to several experiences outside of the academic world, and they have been extremely beneficial in the workplace.”
Madison G. Mindermann
History Major, Class of 2023