BA in Psychology

Major in Psychology at USCB

USCB's Bachelor of Arts in Psychology features courses in social, developmental and clinical psychology, as well as a number of humanities and social sciences courses. Other core psychology courses include research methods in psychology, psychological statistics, and biological psychology.  Numerous elective courses are offered such as positive psychology, human sexual behavior, forensic psychology, child psychology, sport psychology, community psychology and many other special topics.  Psychology majors may also complete internships that give them hands-on experience in clinical and community settings.

Psychology Lecture with Student

Program of Study

Minor in Psychology at USCB

Students who are majoring in other disciplines may choose to minor in Psychology. The required courses to complete a minor in Psychology are:

PSYC B101, three PSYC courses from PSYC B302, B311, B321, B331, B341, B361, B401, B451, and two PSYC courses numbered 210 or above (one course only of which may include PSYC B399, B498, or B499). 

Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisor before declaring a minor. 


Psychology Department Newsletters


Francesca Piccolo-Youngblood - Class of 2023, Psychology Major
(Non)Religious Proselytizing: Explaining the Desire to (De)Convert Others with Dr. Kyle Messick.
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience, as I have gained a broader understanding of religion throughout the world. It has been a pleasurable experience working with such wonderful people, as I have learned many different perspectives academically and personally. I look forward to what comes next!"
Francesca Piccolo-Youngblood

Brianna A. Wells
“From the first moment that I connected with the Psychology Department at USCB, I knew that I had chosen the right path. All of the faculty and staff are so kind and just want to see their students succeed in the areas that interest the students. With so many different courses to choose from, there is endless opportunity for students to find their niche in the program and be given the tools to expand on their knowledge through research and hands-on learning.”
Brianna A. Wells
Psychology major, Class of 2024