Earn a Bachelor of Science in Biology 

Biology Student

Want to study dolphin acoustics, black corals of the deep sea, shark physiology or proteins that could be used to treat COVID-19?  If so, a biology major at University of South Carolina Beaufort may be the right choice for you!

A Bachelor of Science in Biology provides students with:

  • Comprehensive exposure to the biological sciences at the molecular, physiological, organismal and ecological levels
  • Deep understanding of the concepts and processes underlying the biological sciences plus practical skills learned via lab work and fieldwork
  • Critical thinking skills, analytical techniques and problem solving skills applied to biological problems
  • Experience with research techniques
  • Ability to apply the scientific method to expand scientific knowledge and understanding

Program of Study

Optional Concentrations

Boat Working GroupAt USCB, Biology can also be a minor or a concentration for students majoring in other disciplines. Our concentrations are Coastal Ecology & Conservation, Marine Biology, and Biomedical Sciences. For more information, email


Carson Frey working in biology

Carson Frey - Class of 2024, Biology major, Chemistry minor
Molecular target-based focused screen for Chagas' disease therapeutic drug discovery with Dr. D'Antonio
"I am currently working with my research partner Destiney O’Neill on a large project that is designed to help identify viable drug leads by using a high-throughput screening of a specific compound. We are looking at around 100 different versions of this compound to see if any are considered possible to help fight against Chagas’ disease. I am doing assays every day that I am in to help us filter which compounds work. This is the very first step in drug discovery to see how it reacts during an assay, allowing us to filter this project down into which drugs can then move on to the next trial of experimental testing to eventually, and hopefully, be chosen to help aid others in need. I love helping others and hope I can do so by applying this research under Dr. D’Antonio and the SRE Internship. He is helping mentor me and sharing his skill set. It's a lot of hard work and time that I think will leave no stone unturned with our compound."


Alex Jonguitud
“I conducted research in Dr. Ritchie’s and Dr. Chojnowski’s labs looking to apply knowledge I learned in class. Although I was pre-med at the time, learning from them led me into a research-based medical track. Working in their labs made me a competitive applicant for many different programs. I was selected for opportunities to do research at the University of Iowa and now at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I could not be more grateful for the staff at USCB for academically preparing me for my professional career. ”
Alex Jonguitud
Biology Major, Class of 2020