Kimberly Ritchie, PhD

Kim B. Ritchie, PhD

Associate Professor of Genetics and Prokaryotic Cell Biology
Department of Natural Sciences

Beaufort campus
801 Carteret Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
Office: 843-521-4135
Kim Ritchie, PhD

I have studied microbes associated with corals and coral reef organisms for over 30 years. My research interests include coral and coral invertebrate diseases, the influence of climate and oceanic pH changes on host-microbe dynamics, and the role of beneficial microbes on corals and other marine organisms. My current research also focuses on the role beneficial bacteria may play in wound healing in elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays) and their potential as a source for novel antibiotics.

  • Education
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PhD in Genetics 2000 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Postdoctoral Fellowship Smithsonian (June - Sept 2000)

Postdoctoral Fellowship Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Sept - Jan 2001)

BS in Biology 1994 University of South Carolina at Aiken

  • B100H Biology Honors Seminar
  • B101 Biological Principles I
  • B230 Microbiology
  • B295 Directed Studies in Biology
  • B399 Independent Study
  • B431 Bacteriology
  • B460 General Physiology
  • B490 Marine Policy
  • B499 Topics in Biology
  • Coral and invertebrate diseases
  • Influence of climate/oceanic pH changes
  • Roles of beneficial microbes
  • Marine organisms
  • Role of beneficial bacteria