Patrick Boyle, MS

Patrick Boyle, MS      

Instructor, Physics

SciTech Room 219
One University Boulevard
Bluffton, SC 29909
Office: 843-208-8317
Patrick Boyle, MS

Hailing from Ohio, I’ve spent most of my academic life at Miami University where I finished my undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics and continued to teach introductory physics. My work there focused on physics education research; figuring out ways to make physics laboratory classes relevant and lectures less painful. My students would often ask me what life was like after college, and having never experienced that I decided a brief foray into industry for perspective might be worthwhile. The best take away from that 2 year experience was confirmation that my passion lies in teaching. 

As an instructor my goal is to send students away with, at worst, a mild indifference for physics by taking the time to make the material approachable and understandable. At best, I aim to foster curiosity for science and the natural world while promoting a mindset built on critical thinking. 

As an individual, my hobbies are generally related to the outdoors in climbing, hiking and birdwatching. To stay fit I enjoy training for triathlons and practicing/teaching yoga. Whatever free time remains after that is usually spent playing board games with friends or making things out of wood or flour (and water and salt and yeast).

  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Research

MS in Physics. Miami University

BS in Physics. Miami University

  • PHYS B101 - Physics of How Things Work I
  • PHYS B101L - Physics of How Things Work I Lab
  • PHYS B201 - General Physics I
  • PHYS B201L - General Physics I Laboratory
  • PHYS B211 - Essentials of Physics I
  • PHYS B211L - Essentials of Physics I Laboratory
  • Introductory Physics Education
  • Non-majors of Physics
  • Quantum Beat Spectroscopy
  • Atomic Physics