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Student Sigma member MadisonIn 2021, USCB’s Department of Nursing received approval for a chapter of Sigma, a prestigious international nursing leadership organization founded in 1922 as Sigma Theta Tau. USCB’s Alpha Alpha Omicron chapter, the first chapter in the SC Lowcountry, inducted 16 new members in 2021. 

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Sigma’s mission calls for “Developing nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere." In doing so, Sigma members are empowered to improve healthcare throughout their communities, the region, the state, and the world, extending to meet global health needs.
Membership in Alpha Alpha Omicron chapter, Sigma is offered to highly-qualified USCB students and to community leaders in Nursing.

Undergraduate students must:
have completed one half of the nursing curriculum
• have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0
• rank in the highest 35 percent of the graduating class
• meet the expectation of academic integrity
Members perform service work including supporting USCB's student food pantry. 

USCB Sigma Leadership

President: Dr. Lee-Ann Halbert; Vice President: Mr. Mark Hennigan; and Secretary: Dr. Melody Reibel; Treasurer: Dr. Jana Wheeler and Counselor: Ms. Barb Nash

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