Sea Islands Institute

Sea Islands Institute (SII)

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The Sea Islands Institute’s (SII) purpose is to fulfill the mission of USCB through programs and research that grow out of the extraordinary location of the University. Our region has a rich history with strong and multiple cultures and a fragile environment worth protecting. Through its associated centers and institutes, SII provides   interdisciplinary research, outreach, and education services to support the needs of the local community. Combining the expertise of our USCB faculty and student researchers with outside partners supports our efforts to sustain the region’s economic, ecologic and cultural vitality.

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USCB Services Available through the Sea Islands Institute

Center for Lowcountry Hospitality Education

The Center for Lowcountry Hospitality Education is a collaboration between the Town of Hilton Head Island and The University of South Carolina Beaufort's Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management Program. Our Mission is to provide specialized education and training that will enable Hilton Head Island to become known as an international destination for Event Management and Hospitality Training.

Water Quality Laboratory

The USCB Water Quality Laboratory is supported by the Town of Bluffton and Beaufort County, and provides microbiological and chemical testing services of non-potable water. Data generated by the lab allow analyses of stormwater runoff and health of the local estuarine system. Water quality testing is available to other organizations for a fee.

Institute for the Study of the Reconstruction Era

Institute for Study of Reconstruction Era

Institute for the Study of the Reconstruction Era has grown out of the intense regional interest in Reconstruction, particularly in Beaufort County. The ISRE researchers study local history, with an emphasis on the Reconstruction era, and run a summer institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to train K12 teachers about the history of the post-Civil War era.

Sea Islands Institute Grants 

The SII also awards grants to support research that directly impacts our region. Grant proposals are peer reviewed by a committee of USCB faculty, and supported by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost. Past awards have provided important information on the Lowcountry ecosystem, economy and health of our residents.