HHI Ambassador

Become a Brand Ambassador for HHI

Hilton Head Ambassadors group picture collageTourism loyalty for Hilton Head Island is the goal of the Island Ambassador Program, which has certified over 2,800 ambassadors. Research shows that knowledgeable professionals provide quality guest experiences which result in return visits. Our focus is preserving Hilton Head Island as a world class vacation destination.

The Island Ambassador program builds a sense of community around the Hilton Head Island tourism workforce and among area newcomers. The program is funded by Accommodations Taxes administered through and in cooperation with the Town of Hilton Head Island.

Learn about Where You Live and Work

Dolphins in the waterAs educators, we understand the strength of knowledge and combining that with our passion for Hilton Head Island, we created a three part Island Ambassador Program.

To become an officially certified Island Ambassador, program participants attend a half-day seminar that focuses on:

  • Island Knowledge: highlights the island’s history and the impact of tourism
  •  Island Culture:  explores Gullah culture along with the island’s art, theater, dance, sports and water activities.
  •  Island Ecology: explains local wildlife (including sea turtles) and the island’s various ecological systems — the beaches, dunes, maritime forests, marshes and tidal creeks.

Guests frequently enquire about these topics while visiting our beautiful island. 

Hands Basket WeavingBenefits of the Island Ambassador Program

  •  Helps employees exceed customer expectations
  • Can be a mainstay piece of employee orientation programs
  • Provides knowledge about the destination that is critical to the workforce that may come to the island without any prior knowledge of what makes Hilton Head unique
  • Empowers participants to engage at a higher level with guests

Register to Become an Island Ambassador

Island Ambassador courses are offered several times a year at the USCB’s Hilton Head Island campus. The course is also offered as part of employee orientation programs, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us and describe if you are interested in registering for the Island Ambassador course as an individual or on behalf of a group. For more information on how to register, request registration info from sbeach@uscb.edu.