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Non-Degree Students

A student wanting to attend USCB on a limited basis such as a transient, dual enrollment or senior citizen can be classified as a non-degree seeking student. Non-degree status limits students to 30 credit hours and does not guarantee future enrollment at USCB. Applicants who have been officially denied admission as degree-seeking students are not eligible for admission as non-degree students.

Students classified under this status are not eligible for any type of financial aid. Courses completed as a provisional student carry full University credit; however, none of the hours are applicable to a degree.

Types of Non-Degree Enrollment


Applicants who are not interested in earning a degree at USCB. Courses taken for professional development or prerequisites for another program not offered by USCB are limited to 30 hours in this category. Non-degree students must meet the prerequisite requirements for the classes they are interested in taking.

Applicants must submit: 

  • Apply online- this is the most efficient process and we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to complete the application.

  • $40 Nonrefundable Application Fee
  • A transcript from the last post secondary institution attended. If no post secondary classes have been attempted, please submit an official high school transcript or official GED Score Report.

Concurrent/Dual Enrollment (for high school juniors and seniors) 

Concurrent enrollment is a program offered by the University of South Carolina Beaufort to high school juniors and seniors. It provides an opportunity for students who are capable of meeting an increased challenge to earn college credit by taking courses offered by the university while still enrolled in high school.

Concurrent applicants must submit:  

Senior Citizen Admission (South Carolina Residents age 60 or older) 

Senior Citizens age 60 and older that are South Carolina residents are eligible to enroll on a space-available basis without the required payment of tuition. Senior citizens are required to pay all other applicable fees. Senior citizens may apply as undergraduate students or as non-degree seeking students and request a waiver of tuition; however, senior citizens who wish to receive the tuition waiver benefit must wait until the third day of classes to register. If a senior-citizen wishes to guarantee a seat in a class, s/he should enroll prior to the first day of the semester and pay all tuition and fees. Refunds will not be allowed should space still be available on the third day of class.

The admission and advising processes can be completed in advance of registration and submitted to the appropriate office. Senior Citizen Admission and Registration Process

Senior Citizens applicants must submit: 

Transient Students(visiting students from other universities)

A transient student is a student who wishes to take a course at USCB and then return to their home institution. A transient student must have permission to take USCB classes as authorized by the Registrar or advisor at the home institution.  Transient students are responsible to USCB for tuition payment. Students who are attempting to transfer financial aid from their home institution to USCB are responsible for initiating the process with their home Financial Aid Office.

Transient applicants must submit: 

  • Apply online- this is the most efficient process and we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to complete the application.
  • $40 nonrefundable application fee
  • Completed transient form from home institution (with signature of Registrar or adviser)

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