Honors Programs

Honors Benefits

Honors history students and professor Morris

Being a Beaufort College Honors student can have positive effects on the overall learning and educational experience of high-ability students. Benefits of the program include: 

Priority Registration: BCH students register early for courses at their preferred days and times, which protects honors students from schedule upheavals.

Specialized Honors Courses: Select faculty members, who have made notable contributions to their disciplines, teach specialized courses and mentor BCH students, which allows honors students not only to focus on academics but also to participate in experiential learning and other co-curricular and extra-curricular initiatives beyond the classroom.

Mini-trips: Special course-related excursions and/or programs offered for BCH students.

Honors Research, Internships, Study Abroad, and Academic Presentation Travel Grants

conference honors

Qualified BCH students are encouraged to apply for research funding opportunities including the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU).

BCH students will have the opportunity to present at USCB's Research and Scholarship Day, USC Columbia's DISCOVER USC and other regional and national conferences.

BCH students planning to present at professional conferences may apply for travel grants.

To assist with these opportunities, BCH students will have extended access to USCB Library services.

Events and Activities: BCH Residential Community Benefits


BCH students have access to amenities unique to their residential community. The Housing Office offers student development opportunities, and BCH students enjoy free admission to productions and events and USCB Center for the Arts.

Students' proximity to the waterfront means that kayaking, sailing and other water sports are  options for students seeking to explore the coast. Additionally, Downtown Beaufort is right outside your door, offering shopping, restaurants and local festivals.

History of Beaufort College Honors

Tracing its history to  1795, USCB began in Beaufort and has a rich history of serving students for more than 200 years. Learn more about the university's history.