Early Intervention

Early Alert

Early Alert works to identify at-risk students early in the semester and help set them on the right track. The Office of Advising and Academic Success works with identified students to develop successful study and time-management habits and connect them to campus resources.

Academic Early Alert Program

Faculty Reporting Information for Early Alert Program

Each semester, instructors are asked to inform Advising and Academic Success of students who do not have satisfactory attendance and/or academic performance. There are two alert windows, first eight weeks and prior to the withdraw deadline, however alerts may be submitted at any point in the semester. On the form, the instructor can select the time period for the alert. The goal of this program is to help students avoid failure by helping them get connected with tutoring, providing academic coaching, and supporting students in deciding if they should withdraw from the course. 

Faculty are asked to report students using the form link below. All reported students will receive communication to their USCB email. Advising and Academic Success will be notified and will follow-up with reported students. 

Academic Early Alert Reporting System