Move Out Info

When Should You Check-Out?

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Exceptions can only be granted with written permission from the Housing Office. Students can face an improper check-out fee if you fail to vacate the halls by the required time. The last date/ time to check-out is May 4, 2024 at 10:00 AM!

How Do You Check-Out?

Read through the two below options and decide which would be most appropriate for you. All rooms will inspected for damage and cleaning charges regardless of which option you choose (see reverse side for checklist and how to keep damage/cleaning charges to a minimum). Cleaning your room and removing all of your belongings is your responsibility!

Check-Out Option 1: Standard Check-Out

  • Make an appointment with Housing to secure your time slot for check-out. Be sure to schedule your time AT LEAST 24 HOURS before your desired check-out time, time slots are limited! All check out times are by appointment only including weekend slots
  • At your appointment time, come to the Housing Office with your keys to complete your check out process. If you are not ready at you're appointment time, Housing will attempt to accommodate, but cannot guarantee a new appointment time. You may be required to complete an express form if you are not ready at your time slot.

Check-Out Option 2: Express Check-Out

Come to the Housing Office and sign up for Express Check-out where you will pick up your express materials. You must indicate the date and time you are planning to depart. You do not need to make an appointment!

Follow the process below:

  • Sign up for Express Check-out & pick up your materials
  • Read the information carefully, fill out the Express Check-out envelope. Sign and date the envelope.
  • Place all of your keys in the envelope (Room Key, Mailbox Key)
  • Return the envelope & eco-clamshell (To-Go Box) to Housing (or DPS if Housing Office is Closed) to indicate you have moved-out and returned your keys.

NOTE: You cannot appeal damage charges if you choose to complete an express check-out.

Billing Process: Damages and Extra Cleaning

Damage billing is based on bulk purchases, man hours required, extent of damage/cleaning. Residents are billed for any broken or damaged items. Also, anything more than standard cleaning will be charged to the residents too!

How do we define extra cleaning?

  • Removal of any items such as trash, personal belongings, or food.
  • If something requires special cleaning like removal of stickers, food splatter, and/ or carpet stains
  • The kitchen and bathroom need cleaning from mildew or stains

Residents should clean up everything possible and make an effort to leave the rooms as they found them at move-in. All furniture needs to be returned to its original location!

Damage or cleaning charges needed in the common areas (kitchen, living rooms, hallways, etc) will be divided equally among all of the occupants in the apartment!

Residence Hall Closing Checklist

  • Talk to your roommate(s) and agree on whose responsibility it is to complete each task in the common space and about when you are leaving to make sure the last person will double check for trash or personal items left in the apartment
  • One of the most common damage charges is for trash removal! We charge $25 per bag of trash that requires removal. This is the most avoidable charge!!!
  • Avoid shared charges by having the responsible resident(s) submit a written statement taking full responsibility for the damage.
  • Empty out all drawers and leave them open for inspection
  • Flip mattresses up for inspection under the bed
  • Remove everything from your door and walls
  • Check the laundry area for belongings or cleanup
  • Clean off any double sided tape, mounting tape, or any other adhesive residue that is on your door or walls
  • Take care in removing any adhesives as it can tear the paint/dry wall. If you are concerned about damaging the paint/dry wall, you may leave the adhesive on the wall and have it removed by us for a minimal fee
  • Clean out your fridge & freezer
  • Clean out the kitchen cabinets and wipe down all of the kitchen area
  • Clean the bathroom thoroughly including the bathroom cabinets
  • Vacuum/mop the floor
  • Dust the furniture (includes bedroom, living room and kitchen)
  • Return all furniture to the correct space
  • Bedroom should have a desk with chair, dresser, bed frame & mattress
  • Common area should have sofa, chair, entertainment center, end table(s), dining room chairs, and dining table (if applicable)
  • Close/ lock windows and close the blinds
  • Clean out the hallway storage closet (if applicable)
  • Set the A/C to 72 degrees
  • Do not leave trash or belongings outside your apartment or in the breezeway near your apartment