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Public Safety

The wellbeing of our students and staff on the USC Beaufort campus is a natural source of concern for parents and university employees. The USC Beaufort recognizes this and employs a number of security measures to protect the members of its community. Although the coastal Carolina low country region, with its beautiful natural areas, abundant beaches, small-town feel and hospitable attitude, is perceived to have a relatively low crime rate, no campus is totally isolated from crime. Consequently, crime prevention remains a high priority.

The Department of Public Safety / University Police is an integral part of a successful community. USC Beaufort is geared towards student success, academically, and socially. By adhering to the concepts of community policing, we can learn how to best associate ourselves with those dedicated to our safety and security. The USC Beaufort Department of Public Safety is the newest entity to commit itself to helping ensure your success. Comprised of ten state-certified police officers and a contingent of public safety personnel, the Department of Public Safety offers 24-hour coverage with immediate response to calls for service. Escort service will be provided for students arriving or moving around campus after dark and can be arranged with a simple phone call (208-8911).

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are strategically placed on the Historic Beaufort Campus and Hilton Head Gateway Campus to aid in quick response should the need arise.

Contact Information

Emergency: Dial 911

Officer on Duty 24 hour contact number: (843) 208-8911

D. Henry Garbade
Office: (843) 208-8910
Fax: (843) 208-8015


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Emergency Operating Plan

USCB Passenger Van Driver Certification

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Available Safety Training

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