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Purchasing at USCB

Customer service is our first priority. As a servicing department, our goal is to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with University departments, vendors and state procurement. This department strives to ensure all procurement transactions are conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner. We abide by the procurement laws and regulations set forth by the state of South Carolina as well as USC system policies and procedures, which result in the most efficient, economical and responsible purchases. We offer all businesses an opportunity to compete on an equal basis.

Purchasing Office

Procurement Process

Attached in PDF format are the Procurement Flow Charts to assist in determining the appropriate steps and the appropriate forms for your type of procurement.  As you move through the flow chart and are directed to another chart, click on the appropriate box, which will take you to the next step.  For questions please contact Abby Vaughn at (843) 208-8137.


How do I get into USCB's finance system?

Our finance system is called PeopleSoft. It can be accessed here from a University computer or when connected to the secure VPN. This system can help you:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two lists for state contracts. The first is the Supplies and Services Contract, which includes office supplies, paper, furniture, vehicles, maintenance supplies, etc. The second is the Information Technology Contract, which includes copiers, printers, computers, printer toner, network equipment, etc.

First, all IT purchases must be approved by IT to ensure compatibility with existing equipment and/or software. Also, IT will assist in choosing the appropriate/compatible equipment/software based on your departmental needs. Please refer to the IT Purchase Flow Chart.

First, the Principle Investigator (PI) must verify that funds are available and that any proposed purchase is allowable under the grant. All grant purchases must be approved by the University Grants Administrator before proceeding through the procurement process. Please refer to the Grant Purchase Flow Chart.

Capital is defined as moveable equipment exceeding $5,000 or fixed equipment exceeding $100,000. First, the department must identify an appropriate funding source. Capital purchases must be approved by the Vice Chancellor of Finance before proceeding through the procurement process. Please refer to the Capital Equipment Flow Chart.

First, the department must verify that the vendor is an independent contractor and that an employer/employee relationship does not exist. Second, the department must verify the services are not being procured through a current USC system employee. If an employer/employee relationship exists or if the vendor is a current USC system employee, then it is determined to be an employment issue and, therefore, processed through HR and Payroll. If an employer/employee relationship does not exist and the vendor is not a current USC system employee, then the department should invite the vendor to become a supplier at https://suplier.ps.sc.edu. Please refer to the Procurement of Services Flow Chart.

Petty cash is used for purchases not exceeding $50 per BUSF 2.18. Petty cash cannot be used for wages, cash advance or loans or for the purchase of unallowable commodities. For reimbursement, prepare a Petty Cash Voucher with supervisor signature, a valid account number and supporting receipt. Petty cash reimbursement can be made in the Cashier’s Office.

The purchase of gift cards is made in accordance with BUSF 2.19 If the request is for gift cards from an unrestricted account, the custodian would fill out the form and have it signed by the department head. If the request is for gift cards from a grant account, the custodian would fill out the form and have it signed by the University Grants Administrator. The request for Cash Advance/Gift Card Form should include amount of funding required, the beginning and end date, purpose and individual responsible. Departments are encouraged to read through the policy in its entirety before proceeding with the form.

First, in accordance with BUSF 7.05, the department is required to have food purchases approved beforehand using the Food Policy Form. The form must be filled out completely and forwarded to the following individuals for approval: department head, University Grants Administrator (if applicable), the Procurement office and the Chancellor. Failure to have the food policy approved before proceeding with the purchase will result in non-reimbursement of funds. The state procurement card cannot be used for any type of food/drink purchase.

Any University property must be approved for disposal prior to removal from any campus. Please fill out a University Form 7 and send it to Jo Parrott at jparrott@uscb.edu with photos of the item(s) requested for disposal.



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