Interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies offers students the opportunity to select a program of study that explores the many facets of American and international films, the role of films in cultures, and hands-on film production. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to experience different approaches to film study: film and cultural differences, basic film vocabulary, film history, film and social forces, film genres, film theories, film directors, film aesthetics, film and performance, and film production.


Interested in learning more? Contact the minor's coordinator, Jeffrey McQuillen.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge of film history, theory, aesthetics, and basic production and performance principles of filmmaking.
  • Students will develop visual literacy skills not limited to the use of the specialized language of film studies (cinematographic principles, lighting and sound elements, editing techniques) but including the ability to use visual texts as forms of inquiry, reflection, and expression.
  • Students will synthesize material and demonstrate research skills in the process of producing original scholarly essays and criticism that analyze film text materials. 


The Interdisciplinary Minor in Film Studies requires 18 credits:

___ LBST B297: Interdisciplinary Research Methods (3 credits, offered each Fall, Summer, and Spring)

___ 15 credits from at least three different disciplines.

(The following courses below always count toward the minor. In addition, other courses from various disciplines may be advertised on a semester-by-semester basis that are approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies program to meet the requirements for the minor.)

  • ARTE B101 – Introduction to Art
  • ARTH B201 – History of Animation
  • COMM B398 – Principles of Broadcasting
  • COMM B400 – Communication and Popular Culture
  • ENGL B180 – Introduction to Film
  • ENGL B472 / THEA B472 – Cinema
  • ENGL B481 – History of Cinema
  • MART B102 – Media Design
  • MART B145 – Digital Imaging
  • MART B210 – Digital Animation
  • MART B250 – Broadcast Design I
  • MART B310 – Digital Animation II
  • MART B350 – Broadcast Design II
  • MART B410 – Narrative Media
  • MART B481 – Performative Media
  • PHIL B363 / LBST B363 – Philosophy of Film
  • SPAN B380 – Hispanic Film and Culture
  • THEA B170 – Fundamentals of Acting
  • THEA B201 – Introduction to Script Analysis
  • THEA B333 – Directing
  • THEA B370 – Intermediate Acting

Before advising begins for each upcoming semester, the Program will consult, recruit, and coordinate with Faculty (including Department Chairs) across the university to generate a list of that upcoming semester's courses that would acceptable for each minor. The list will be distributed through print and digital means.