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Interdisciplinary Classroom StudentsA Bachelors of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST) is simultaneously one of the most traditional and most innovative degrees at USCB. Students design their own degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, working outside the boundaries of inquiry permitted by single disciplines. The degree also holds appeal for transfer and non-traditional students.

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Onellis G. Dorta-Rosado
“Following graduation, I will be pursuing my Master's in Counseling and Rehabilitation. Choosing the Interdisciplinary Studies Major at USCB allowed me to advocate for my education and marry the disciplines that most interested me, such as sociology, business, and psychology. This major allows students to carve out their own path; students looking to professionalize themselves and take charge of their education should highly consider the IDST program at USCB.”
Onellis G. Dorta-Rosado
Interdisciplinary Studies & Psychology majors, Class of 2023