Internships Help Students Develop Skills for Successful Careers

Undergraduate students in the University of South Carolina Beaufort Interdisciplinary Studies program are encouraged to complete an internship because it provides practical, hands-on experience in their field of study and allows them to apply their academic knowledge to real-world situations, which can enhance their skills and make them more competitive in the job market. Additionally, internships can provide networking opportunities and potential job offers upon graduation.

Students from USCB's Interdisciplinary Studies program have interned at the following sites and many more:

  •  Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center
  •   Picklejuice Productions
  •  Beaufort International Film Festival
  •  Programs for Exceptional People
  •  Arts and Cultural Council of Hilton Head Island

For more information about IDST internships, contact Libby Ricardo.

Dillon Hall with CheetahMeet Dillon Hall
USCB Interdisciplinary Studies major Dillon Hall serving as a Cat Ambassador Program Intern at the Cincinatti Zoo in 2019. After graduation, he was offered and accepted a full time position as Interpreter for the zoo's Wild Encounters Team.

Amy Howerton
“The Interdisciplinary Studies program at USCB allowed me to design my course studies in a way that was personalized to my career goals. I want to work in public service, likely the nonprofit sector, combatting health disparities. Interdisciplinary Studies allowed me to take courses in an array of disciplines, like Sociology, Public Health, and Political Science, helping me draw connections between the many ways health disparities are caused, and the interdisciplinary approach needed to address them.”
Amy Howerton
Interdisciplinary Studies major, Class of 2023