Beth Hammond, PhD

Elizabeth J. Hammond, PhD

Assistant Professor and Assessment Coordinator for Education
Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator

Hargray 221 Bluffton, SC 29909
Office: 843-208-8205
Elizabeth J. Hammond, PhD

I am Beth Hammond, Associate Professor and Assessment and Early Childhood Education Program coordinator. This is my ninth year teaching at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) in the Department of Education. Prior to USCB, I taught for more than 25 years in PK-12 schools in multiple states and at Florida State University for two years as a graduate instructor.

At USCB, I currently teach Educational Psychology, Child Growth and Development, and courses focused on educating young children. I, also, teach research and assessment courses in the Master of Education in Literacy program. My focus in the courses I teach is, of course, on the content I teach but, also, on the pedagogical modeling I provide for future educators as I teach. I am a Student Success Coach for new students and serve on several committees including two of which I am the leader (co-chair of Student Research and Scholarship Day committee; chair of Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee).

I have published several scholarly research articles. Additionally, I have presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the Literacy Research Association (LRA), the International Literacy Association (ILA) annual conferences and others. I volunteer as a peer reviewer for several scholarly journals multiple times each year. Recently, I peer reviewed a chapter for a book to be published by SAGE.

My current research focuses on sibling relationships and the influence of siblings on children’s growth and development. This research began in May 2023, and will continue for at least ten years. It includes focus group interviews, survey data collection, and follow up data collection for those volunteers who choose to respond further after five and, then, ten years. Initial data analysis is underway. This research seeks to fill a gap in current research on the child growth and development aspect of sibling relationships. To participate in this research, click HERE.

My current research is very focused at this time. The sibling impact study explained above is very involved. Additionally, I am working on a case study documenting my grandson’s growth and development.

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2014 Doctor of Philosophy. Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. Major: Learning and Cognition (an Educational Psychology degree). Major professor: Dr. Alysia D. Roehrig. Dissertation title: Teacher Talk in First Grade Classrooms

2011 Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE) Certificate. Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. 2009 Master of Arts. Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Major: Teaching and Learning: Reading.

1986 Bachelor of Science. Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida, Major: Specific Learning Disabilities (K-12) (with certification requirements completed for Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education: birth through eight years)


1992-present Florida Teaching Certificate. Primary Education, Specific Learning Disabilities, ESOL Endorsement.

2021-present South Carolina Teaching Certificate. Applied for a reciprocal certificate with FL. 2020- Beaufort Online Learning and Teaching Certificate.

  • EDCI B399 - Independent Study in Education
  • EDEC B340 - Education of the Young Child
  • EDEC B342 - Curriculum Plan and Dev in ECE
  • EDEC B436 - Science and Soc Studies ECE
  • EDPY B333 - Intro Child Growth and Develop
  • EDPY B335 - Intro Educational Psychology
  • EDPY B635 - Advanced Educational Psych
  • EDRD B433 - Instructional Strategies ELEM
  • EDRD B624 - Assessment & Instructional
  • EDRM B620 - Educ Research, Design & Analysis
  • Teacher quality and pedagogy
  • Family language and literacy development
  • Differentiation of instruction 
  • Vocabulary development
  • Teachers' language models
  • Role of formative assessment