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I am interested in becoming a teacher in South Carolina. What do I need to know about the Praxis exams?

South Carolina requires that all aspiring educators seeking state certification pass a series of Praxis exams specific to their area of licensure.

There are 3 sets of required exams, each of which serves as a benchmark for specific levels of USCB’s teacher certification program. To enter the Professional Program, students must pass all three subtests of the Praxis Core; to transition to Internship, teacher candidates must pass the Praxis II; and to complete the program with a recommendation for state certification in South Carolina, students must pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching.

Praxis Fee Waiver Resources

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ETS Waiver Requirements:

  1. You're receiving financial aid.
  2. You're enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and can provide a current Enrollment Verification Certificate. (You're ineligible if you have a master's or a doctoral degree.)
  3. You can provide the 2023-2024 FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) that shows an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $3,000 or less.
  4. You're required to take a Praxis test by an authorized score recipient.

You're eligible for a fee waiver only once during a testing year, and there are a limited number of waivers available per test date and per institution. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

ETS Fee Waiver Request Form

What should I know about registering for Praxis?

Be sure to have the codes for the schools, districts, and/or state departments of education where you want your test scores sent. You must enter the code(s) when you register. If you try to do this later, ETS will charge you to send out your scores.

Below are the codes you need for our program and the South Carolina Department of Education:

  • University of South Carolina Beaufort - 5841
  • South Carolina State Department of Education - 8108

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What should I know before I take a Praxis test?

You should know that each test takes a different amount of time, may have a different cost, and may be offered online. Be sure to review all these factors before signing up for a Praxis test.

Praxis FAQs pdf

The Praxis Core

Regardless of teacher certification area (Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary English, or Secondary Math Education), to enter the Professional Program, all students must first pass the Praxis Core, a set of three individual subtests, which measure academic skills in reading, writing and mathematics respectively.

More information can be found on the ETS website's Praxis Core Tests page.

Praxis II

To progress to Internship, teacher candidates must pass the appropriate Praxis II exam.

To be certified in Early Childhood Education, you need to take the following:


To be certified in Elementary Education, you need to take the following:

  • Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects - Test Code 5001
    • Reading and Language Arts Subtest - Test Code 5002, Qualifying Score 157
    • Mathematics Subtest* - Test Code 5003, Qualifying Score 157
    • Social Studies Subtest - Test Code 5004, Qualifying Score 155
    • Science Subtest* - Test Code 5005, Qualifying Score 159

*On-screen scientific calculator provided


  • Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching - Test Code 7811 (Exam 7811 may be taken in lieu of Praxis 5001)
    • Reading/Language Arts CKT Subtest - Test Code 7812, Qualifying Score 161
    • Mathematics CKT Subtest - Test Code 7813, Qualifying Score 150
    • Science CKT Subtest - Test Code 7814, Qualifying Score 154
    • Social Studies CKT Subtest - Test Code 7815, Qualifying Score 162

To be certified in Secondary English, you need to take the following:

To be certified in Secondary Mathematics, you need to take the following:

*On-screen graphing calculator provided

Principles of Learning and Teaching

To complete the program and be recommended for state certification, teacher candidates must pass the appropriate Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exam:

To be certified in Early Childhood Education, you need to take the following:

To be certified in Elementary Education, you need to take the following:

To be certified in Secondary Education, you need to take the following:


Helpful Praxis Study Resources

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