Kathryn Madden, MS

Kathryn Madden, MS

Instructor, Department of Education
Field Placement Coordinator

Hargray Room 222
One University Boulevard
Bluffton, SC 29909
Office: 843-208-8325
Kathryn Madden, MS

I have decades of professional experience as a scientist and educator. My unique background as a senior environmental scientist with SAIC, a field biologist and research coordinator with Savannah River Ecology Lab, executive director of two environmental-based non-profits, and teaching in elementary to college life sciences reflects my passion for STEM and science education. As an Instructor, I strive to develop and design teaching practices that are well-researched, evidence-based, and student-centered. My students are encouraged to explore topics through hands-on, inquiry-based learning infused with the beautiful local salt marsh environment as an engagement tool for biology, environmental biology, and science methods courses. I am a dedicated life-long learner. I earned my BS in Biology from USC Aiken, an MS in Science Education from Montana State University, and an MS in Biological Sciences from Clemson University. I am a STEM Education Doctoral student at the University of South Carolina, working towards a Project Based Learning cognate and endorsement. I maintain my highly qualified SC Teaching Certification in Biology and continue to work and volunteer on many field biology research opportunities related to local flora and fauna. My current research interests include fostering a science identity through local learning, the role of plants as foundation species, and environmental education.

  • Education
  • Teaching
  • Research

MS Science Education, Montana State University

MS Biological Sciences, Clemson University

BS Biology, University of SC Aiken

  • BIO B101 - Biological Principles I
  • BIO B102 - Biological Principles II
  • BIO B270 - Intro Environmental Biology
  • BIO B270L - Intro Environmental Biology Lab
  • BIO B302L - Ecology and Evolution Lab
  • BIO B399 - Independent Study, Impacts of runoff on salt cord grass germination
  • EDU B599 - Selected Topics in Education
  • EDEL B436 - Science and Social Studies Early Childhood
  • EDEC B432 - Teaching Science Elementary Schools
  • EDCI B100 - Clinical Observation and Analysis
  • EDEC B345 - Family Life in Early Childhood
  • EDER B450 - Clinical Practicum Supervision
  • ENGL B482 - Senior Seminar, Secondary English
  • EDEL B476 - Senior Seminar, Elementary Education
  • EDEC B476 - Senior Seminar, Early Childhood Education
  • EDME B476 - Senior Seminar, Secondary Mathematics Education
  • STEM
  • Environmental education
  • Science literacy
  • Environmental inquiry investigations
  • Changing tides and the impact of coastal ecology