BA in Studio Art

Earn a BA in Studio Art at USCB

Studio Art Students Drawing in Sketchbooks

The Department of Studio Art provides students with a focus in studio art practice and theory, supported by art history, within the context of the liberal arts. We offer a BA degree in Studio Art, and minors in Studio Art and Art History. Our curriculum offers breadth of experience at the fundamentals level in Studio Arts and Media Arts, encouraging depth of study through upper level classes in students' discipline of choice.

Our Studio Arts (ARTS) classes provide students with a solid foundation in design theory and practice, offering classes in 2D Design, 3D Design, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture Digital Photography, and Graphic Design. Our Media Arts (MART) concentration applies fine arts skills to digital media through experiential learning on real-world projects and internships, with classes in Media Design, Digital Imaging, Digital Animation, Broadcast Design, and Video Game Design.

Media Arts Computer StudentAs part of a liberal arts education at USCB, students are trained for careers as professional artists and become prepared for graduate study through exposure to practice-based research methods. Combining the university experience with intense studio arts practice will help students apply their knowledge in today's changing world, providing the background needed for a successful career in the arts.


Student Sketching on Bench

Minor in Studio Art

Many USCB students from other disciplines minor in Studio Art. To earn a minor in Studio Art, students must complete the following:

ARTS B102, B103, B104, B111, ARTH B105 or B106, and 2 ARTS 200+ level or higher.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisors before declaring a minor.

Minor in Art History

Many USCB students from other disciplines minor in Art History.

ARTH B105 and ARTH B106 are required and 4 additional ARTH courses at 200+ level. No area distribution required. (PHIL B313 Philosophy of Art may also fulfill the requirements; however, students majoring in Studio Art who wish to minor in Art History cannot apply PHIL B313 to the latter).

Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisors before declaring a minor.

Student Research and Scholarship Day 2023

Sean Pittman
“ I love that Studio Art at USCB is an environment that challenges me to do what hasn’t been done before. Your learning isn’t limited to what is in the curriculum. The professors give us the latitude to learn from each other and to try different things to see what works.”
Sean Pittman
Studio Art major with Media Arts concentration, Class of 2023