Interdisciplinary Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurial Studies

Study Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Writing in ClassroomUSCB's minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurial Studies prepares graduates to explore new opportunities, develop novel ideas and challenge the status quo in order to reinvent and/or pioneer innovative practices regardless of their field of expertise.

This program of study engages students whose professional goals include introducing new methods, ideas or products to create value — including, but not limited to, economic value. The coursework explores the intersection of creativity, perseverance and trial and error. The interdisciplinary nature of the program draws from different approaches to the study of business, communications, social sciences and the humanities. This program equips students to meet the challenges of setting up their own businesses, designing new environmental or social programs and inventing new goods or services.

Required Electives (Choose 3 courses)
ENTR B300 - Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation 3 ENTR B400 - Leading Diverse Teams 3
ENTR/HRTM B330 - Quality and Evaluation 3 ACCT B225 or HRTM B221 - Accounting I 3
BADM B380 - Entrepreneurship

ENTR B450 - Capstone Experience
3 BADM B210 - Financial Reasoning 3
  BADM B345 - Business Communications 3
MKTG B350 - Principles of Marketing 3
COMM B328 - Intro to Public Relations 3
ENGL B262 - Intro to Technical Writing 3
ENGL B460 - Professional Writing 3
Other 300 or 400 level Business Administration or Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management courses 3
Other 300 and 400 level courses outside the major (with approval) 3
Total Required 9 Total Required 9