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Online Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Advancement, a new direction, unfinished business — there are a lot of reasons to pursue a four-year college degree. With the convenience and affordability of the University of South Carolina Beaufort and Palmetto College, it’s hard to come up with reasons not to.

Your well-deserved salary increase is attainable. The ability to better support your family is no longer out of reach. Your time is now!

Students who have completed 60-hours of course work can complete all Program and Major requirements online. You can access your coursework from home or the office… or you can pick it up and take it with you to your son’s soccer game, your hair appointment or the nearest Starbucks! And because Palmetto College online degree completion programs are part of the USC system, your diploma will carry the same credibility and weight as any other four-year degree from the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

A degree in Public Health prepares students for a multidisciplinary field concerned with designing, implementing and evaluating interventions that enable individuals, families, organizations and communities to play active roles in achieving, protecting and sustaining health.

When considering a career in public health, it is important to understand research and education are foundational to the profession. The knowledge and skills to take scientific information and translate that into usable, friendly material to the average person is key to a career in public health.

The desire for social justice and environmental health help significantly when addressing public health issues. An individual who is interested in health and well-being, driven to help others and enjoys research and education makes an excellent candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the University of South Carolina Beaufort.  For more detailed information about the Public Health program click here.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

The Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism industry is the number one industry in the state of South Carolina, offering multiple job opportunities for students pursuing careers in the field. Students will be allowed to pursue their interests in different areas of concentration such as hotels, food service, or tourism in general. The program encourages students to focus on destinations within South Carolina, and we hope to retain talented graduates to work right here in our state. For more detailed information about the Hospitality Management Program click here.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

The Human Services program is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree that draws heavily from the disciplines of sociology and psychology. Our graduates gain the attitudes, values, knowledge, and skills for employment or advanced study in the art and science of care.

The Human Services program rises above traditional concepts of social services or social work. Our program uses an asset or strengths-based approach to working with individuals, families, and communities. We help students be successful in the traditional social services as well as the expanding non-social services arenas. Our graduates will be able to more effectively manage non-profit organizations, deliver direct care as a human service professional and have the skills to assist in building informal networks of care.

The curriculum is designed to give graduates the knowledge, dispositions, and skills that encourage depth of understanding, tolerance of others, and individual accountability. For more detailed information about the Human Services Program click here.

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