Faculty Certification

USCB offers two Students Connected faculty development initiatives

Students Connected Faculty

Experiential Learning Teaching Certificate

For faculty who have yet to participate in Students Connected, and those for which experiential learning is new,  we offer our Experiential Learning Teaching Certificate. To earn this certificate, faculty study and discuss ways to lead students to reflect on and connect what they do in their classrooms to their civic lives. This certificate positions faculty to participate as Faculty Fellows offering their own Students Connected courses. 

The Students Connected Experiential Learning Teaching Certificate coursework is delivered via Blackboard. After logging in to Blackboard, navigate to "Organizations" and then “Students Connected – Faculty” organization.

Faculty Learning Communities

For faculty who have completed our Experiential Learning Teaching Certificate and are Faculty Fellows affiliated with Students Connected, we offer Faculty Learning Communities (co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching & Learning). These FLCs are small communities of learners (and educators) whose goal is to foster community among faculty while engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). The goals of these FLCs vary year to year, perhaps one year the goal will be to present at a SoTL conference, another year it may be to co-author a SoTL article. Whatever the FLC's goal is for the given year, it will always be active, transdisciplinary, collaborative, and year-long with a curriculum devoted to experiential learning. Contact us for more information.


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