Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Chair
Murray Skees, PhD

Faculty Senate Chair Elect
Kim Kelley, PhD, MLS

Faculty Secretary
Eva Smith, PhD

Article II: Purpose and Powers 

The Faculty Senate of the USCB is endowed with all the powers and authority of the university faculty. The Senate shall formulate policy regarding the educational practices and standards of the university and all other matters pertaining to the conduct of faculty affairs, subject to review and approval by the EVCAA, the Chancellor, the President, and the Board of Trustees. 

Article III: Membership

Section 1

The Faculty Senate consists of full-time faculty members and professional librarians holding the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor/Librarian or above, the Chancellor, the EVCAA, and such other persons as the Senate membership sees fit to elect. 

Section 2 

Official voting members of the Senate shall include all full-time faculty holding the rank of Assistant Professor or above, tenure-track librarians, the Chancellor, the EVCAA, full-time Instructors who have actively participated in Senate affairs for three consecutive years, and such other persons as the Senate sees fit to elect. 


Faculty Manual

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