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Student clubs and organizations are formed by USCB students in cooperation with faculty and staff advisors and the Office of Student Life. Students are encouraged to participate in the following recognized student organizations as members and officers. Depending on the needs expressed by USCB’s dynamic student body, organizations may become temporarily inactive or additional clubs reflecting new interests may be added.

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Registering New Student Organizations

Organizations that wish to use university facilities and have other privileges must be officially registered through a procedure administered by the Office of Student Life. The registration of new student organizations is completed during the fall and spring semesters through the Office for Student Life. Registration is obtained by submitting completed registration forms, membership lists and a constitution.  Please read the Student Life Organization Manual to learn more.

To register a new student organization please complete the registration form. Once your form is complete, you will be contacted by a representative from the Office of Student Life to schedule a time for you to ask questions and learn about student organization responsibilities.  

Re-registering a Returning Student Organization

All student organizations, whether new or returning, must register each year during the fall semester. To re-register a returning student organization, organizations will complete the Transition phase through Presence. Once your registration process is complete, you will be notified by the Office of Student Life.  Please read the Student Life Organization Manual to learn more.

Official recognition of a student organization does not by itself constitute any type of endorsement, sponsorship, or liability by USCB.

To find out more ways to get involved on campus, contact Student Life.

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