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Required Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling is a requirement for everyone who has borrowed funds from the federal government or school loan program.  Federal regulations require that you complete an exit counseling session before you graduate or if you drop below half-time attendance. The counseling session provides information about how to manage your student loans after college.

During the session you will learn the rules that apply to your student loans, repayment options, debt management possibilities and the consequences of defaulting on your loans.

It is important that you understand the seriousness of repaying your student loans. If you have any difficulties in making your loan payments, please contact the lender (or servicer) of your loans.

Click here to complete Stafford Loan Exit Counseling. Once you have read the information and completed the quiz at the end, you will receive a confirmation number.  Please keep this for your records.  The University of South Carolina Beaufort will receive notification that you have completed this process.

Failure to complete the exit counseling requirement could result in a hold being placed on your student account. Our hold prevents registration and the release of official transcripts from the University.

All aggregate loan history information is available on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).  You can access your loan history with your federal PIN at and find out your estimated repayment amounts at:

If you have any questions about exit counseling or repaying your student loans, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 843.521.3104 or E-Mail: