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About Us

The Office of Development of the University of South Carolina Beaufort has many objectives in serving our constituencies. On a daily basis we work to provide scholarships for our students, support current educational programs at USCB and secure funding for new and innovative ones. We also promote and encourage the research of our faculty, staff, and students.

All of this is in an effort to establish long-range fundraising programs for USCB to ensure that new academic programs are developed and the expansion of existing programs continues. This includes working to build endowment funds, where the income from them is used to the benefit of USCB.

The Office of Development is a department within the division of University Advancement, which is a division of the University of South Carolina Beaufort.  The University is a unit of the University of South Carolina, which is an agency of the State of South Carolina. 

USCB is well-positioned to accept all manner of planned gifts through the auspices of our planned giving office in Columbia, including: charitable gift annuity, deferred charitable gift annuity, bequest, insurance, charitable remainder annuity trust, charitable remainder unitrust, charitable lead trust and real property. Gifts made to USC Beaufort are held in the USC Foundations and the USC Treasurer’s Office for the Benefit of USC Beaufort. 

In all its functions, the Office of Development has adopted the policies and procedures of the Office of Development of the University of South Carolina.  The Office of Development at USCB carries out routine day to day operations, primarily gift receipting and processing.  Funds are invested through the University of South Carolina Foundations, necessitating that all USCB staff work closely with their USC counterparts. All the operations of the Office of Development and its consultative, administrative, and collaborative activities with the University of South Carolina, are conducted in strict observance of the law, which disallows any control, or co-mingling of the funds. The result has been to bring cohesion and uniformity to the policies and procedures for securing private gifts exclusively for use by and on behalf of the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

The University of South Carolina Foundations have a Board of Directors with duly elected officers, which meets regularly with full authority and responsibility for all the Foundations' assets including all private gifts intended for the support of the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Governed by a set of by-laws, all fiduciary activities and other business transactions are open to public scrutiny as provided by law.