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Annual Giving Societies

Lowcountry Legacy

The Lowcountry Legacy is a symbolic representation of the natural and architectural imagery of the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Whether it is the Sea Islands or the columns of our landmark buildings, USCB embraces everything that is the Lowcountry. In this spirit, donors who make an annual gift of $10 or more receive a Lowcountry Legacy decal as a small token of our appreciation.  

USCB Lowccountry Legacy Donor Logo

Lowcountry Legacy – Bronze
Lowcountry Legacy – Silver
Lowcountry Legacy – Gold


The Columns Society

The Hargray and Beaufort College flagship buildings of both campuses are distinguished by their columns, representing the gateway to education for past and future generations of USCB students. 

The Founders Society

The Founders of the University of South Carolina Beaufort established the institution on the motto of "Virtue, Liberty, Science". They believed in this so strongly that these three words were permanently etched into the foundation of the Beaufort College building.