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Family Fund

The Family Fund, University of South Carolina's annual faculty and staff campaign, allows current and former employees to become even more engaged in their professional roles. Since its inception 40 years ago, the Family Fund has generated more than $50 million for Carolina. Gifts through the Family Fund help support ground-breaking research, strengthen programs and initiatives, recruit and develop world-class faculty and fund scholarships.

YOUR gift matters!

Your participation through the Family Fund makes an immediate impact. Your gift demonstrates the ultimate vote of confidence in all of our university stands for and everything it will become.

Because of their generous contributions, faculty, staff and retirees were able to make an impact in our students and their educational experiences.

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Family Fund giving supports every aspect of campus life at USCB. Here is a listing of funds available:

Academic Program Support
Description Foundation Code Foundation Fund Number USCB Department Number USCB Fund Code USCB Class Field
Charles Fraser Sustainable Resort Development Conference Fund     922000 K1000 202
Lowcountry & Resort Tourism Institute     921930 E2109 301
Nursing Program at Beaufort Gift Fund          
Sustainable Resort Development     921930 E0169 104
USC Beaufort Business Departmental Fund A31883        
USC Beaufort Education Departmental Fund A31884        
USC Beaufort English and Theatre Department A31885        
USC Beaufort Fine Art Department A31887        
USC Beaufort Hospitality Departmental Fund A31886        
USC Beaufort Humanities Department A31887        
USC Beaufort Marine Research Fund A32019        
USC Beaufort Mathematics Departmental Fund A31888        
USC Beaufort Natural Sciences Fund A31894        
USC Beaufort Social Sciences Departmental Fund A31890        
USCB Endowment for New Programs B11062        
USCB Interdisciplinary Activities Fund     927851 R2120 455
USCB Libraries Unrestricted Gift Fund     921012 R1002 411
USCB Nursing and Health Departmental Fund A31532        
USCB Sea Island Institute     922125 A0001 101
USCB Student Research Day     921050 R4109 455


Annual Scholarships
Description Foundation Code
Cartha D. DeLoach Memorial Scholarship Fund A31906
Charlie Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Fund B11816
Dot Wrede Sand Shark Colleagues Scholarship Fund A31734
Hospital Auxiliary Annual Scholarship Fund A31847
John and Valerie Curry Scholarship Fund A31859
John F. Curry Memorial Scholarship Fund A31907
Joseph B. Fraser Jr Heritage Scholarship Fund A31905
Pritchard's Island Gift Account A31078
Rose Mark - Furniture Scholarship 1A3718
Ruth Eva Nelson Memorial Scholarship 1A3699
Sheila J. Tombe English Departmental Fund A31593
USCB General Scholarship Fund A31853
Ward N. Kirby Heritage Scholarship Fund A31904


Athletic Support
Description Foundation Code Foundation Fund Number USCB Department Number USCB Fund Code USCB Class Field
Sand Shark Club     921020 CA100 807
USCB Athletics Fund A31420        


Community Outreach
Description Foundation Code Foundation Fund Number USCB Department Number USCB Fund Code USCB Class Field
Osher Lifelong Learning Endowment B11322        
USC Beaufort Performing Arts Center Fund 1A3445        
USCB - Center for the Arts Fund     921031 R3200 301
USCB - OLLI Fund     921034 E0187 104
USCB Festival Series     921032 E2115 301
USCB OLLI Community Band Fund     921034 E0190 104
USCB Performing Arts Center     921032 E2236 301
Yanker Family Fund 1B1674        


Endowed Scholarships
Description Foundation Code
Brinkley Family Endowment Fund B11271
Colden R. Battey, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund B11817
David McCollum Memorial Scholarship Fund 1B1686
Dr. Louise Anders Scholarship Fund 1B1684
Dr. Lynn Mulkey Endowed Scholarship Fund B11689
Edith R. Harvey Endowed Scholarship Fund 1B1818
Emory W. Rushton & Susan Y. Rushton Endowed Scholarship Fund B11754
Frances and Joseph Lisi Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund B11797
G. Thomas Upshaw Endowed Scholarship B11852
Heard Family Endowed Scholar. in memory of Morgan C. Haynes 1C1649
Helen & Brantley Harvey Endowment at USCB 1B1628
Jane T. Upshaw Math. & Math. Education Endowed Scholarship B11787
Julia Branch Burgess Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund B11507
Leith Paul Trask Memorial Scholarship Fund 1C1740
Linda Lisi Pre-Veterinarian Endowed Scholarship Fund B11796
Mary Moody Memorial Scholarship 1B1135
Maureen & Edwin Seim Schol. Fund USC _ Beaufort 1B1895
Ramon N Tessler Memorial Scholarship Fund 1B1745
Roger L. Steele Endowed Art Scholarship Fund B11723
Sea Island Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship Fund 1B1226
Senator Clementa Pinckney Endowed Scholarship Fund B11978
Sol Neidich Family Scholarship Fund 1B1673
William F. Cochrane Memorial Scholarship Fund 1B1933
William Mason Hardimon Scholarship Fund 1B1465


General USCB Support
Description Foundation Code
USC Beaufort Fund 1A3019


Staff Support
Description Foundation Code Foundation Fund Number USCB Department Number USCB Fund Code USCB Class Field
BEACON Beaufort Employees Association     929000 Z0212 990


Student Support
Description Foundation Code Foundation Fund Number USCB Department Number USCB Fund Code USCB Class Field
African American Student Association     921059 D0904 502
Alpha Mu Gamma Fund     921059 D0941 502
Apostrophe     921059 D0916 502
Call Me Mister Program     921309 A0001 455
Campus Activites Fund     921059 D0905 502
Chi Delta Chi - Veteran's Honor Society     921059 D0918 502
Gamma Beta Phi     921059 D0905 502
Gay-Straight Alliance     921059 D0944 502
Jack Wilson Service Fund A31902        
May River Review Fund A32026        
Rogues and Vagabonds     921059 D0903 502
Sand Sharks for Service     921059 D0946 502
Sigma Tau Delta Fund     921059 D0949 502
Spanish Quiz Bowl Fund A32024        
Student Environment Awareness (SEA) Fund     921059 D0911 502
The Pen: Special Travel Photography Edition A32025        
Tidal Tribune     921059 D0907 502
USC Beaufort Research Day Fund A31892        
USCB - Bee Keeping Society     921059 D1948 502
USCB Anime Club     921059 D0926 502
USCB Art Club     921059 D0936 502
USCB Biology Club     921059 D0917 502
USCB Business Club     921059 D0906 502
USCB Career Services     921056 A0001 503
USCB Chorus     921405 A0001 101
USCB Christian Student Fellowship     921059 D1922 502
USCB Club Basketball     921059 D0951 502
USCB Club Managers Association of America Fund     921059 D0948 502
USCB College Church     921059 D0953 502
USCB Community Service     921059 D1972 502
USCB Counseling and Disability Services     921055 A0001 503
USCB Education Majors Club     921059 D0909 502
USCB English Club     921059 D1929 502
USCB French Club     921059 D1934 502
USCB Gospeal Choir Fund     921059 D0957 502
USCB Histoy Club Fund     921059 D0914 502
USCB Homecoming Fund     921059 D0958 502
USCB Literary Society     921059 D0924 502
USCB Military Student Services     921040 A0001 501
USCB Paddling Club     921059 D1924 502
USCB Pre-Medical Student Association     921059 D1945 502
USCB Psychology and Sociology Club     921059 D0913 502
USCB Scuba Club     921059 D1925 502
USCB Senior Class     921059 D0959 502
USCB Society of Creative Writers Fund     921059 D0931 502
USCB Spanish Cllub     921059 D0937 502
USCB Student Nurses Association     921059 D0947 502
USCB Study Abroad     921400 E0167 101
USCB Substance Abuse Awareness Fund     921059 D0925 502
USCB University Student Ambassadors     921059 D0921 502
USCB Young Life     921059 D0952 502