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Annual Membership

All memberships are individual. For example, a husband and wife who join must fill out separate membership and registration forms or create separate online accounts. OLLI at USCB is a membership organization and you must be an OLLI member to attend classes, tours, community band and trips. The annual membership is $40, on a "rolling" basis, meaning that you can join or renew at any point in the year.

Benefits of your OLLI membership include:

  • Access to special educational OLLI events and trips around the region
  • Access to over 400 OLLI courses per year (additional term fee needed)
  • Summer classes are free to members
  • On-line registration service available for OLLI  programs
  • Access to the “Community of Scholars” program at USCB’s campus libraries.  You are able to check out books at USCB libraries and use the interlibrary loan service.
  • Discount ticket to the USCB Chamber Music Concert Series held at the USCB Center For the Arts on the Beaufort campus

  • Discount fees for Continuing Education courses such as computer & language skills
  • Discount meals at the Sand Bar Dining Hall on each of the three campuses
  • Participation in the OLLI Lowcountry Community Concert Band which practices weekly
  • Free student parking
  • Curriculum guides, events calendar, special lecture information, e-newsletter and much more.


Parking at any USCB campus is by permit only (with the exception of designated visitor spaces).  OLLI members taking classes at the Bluffton location must park in the student parking lots on campus. Do not park in Faculty/Staff parking areas. As of right now there are no designated areas to park on the Hilton Head or Beaufort campus but a University decal is required. OLLI members with Handicapped tags may park in Handicapped-designated parking spaces anywhere on campus – unless otherwise designated.

Request multiple decals if you have multiple cars AND don’t forget to switch your decal over to a new car! (You must contact the office with new car information.) A parking decal and form will be mailed with your new member packet. Decals are valid until 2023.