Tuition & Fee Refunds

The University will refund all, or a portion of academic fees in certain cases.

  1. Course or courses dropped
  2. Drop/ withdrawal from the University
  3. Cancellation of a class by the University

Please consult the refund calendar and make sure you drop by the appropriate deadline in order to receive a refund. Please also note that refund deadlines are different than academic deadlines, which affect your grades and GPA. Both refund deadlines and academic deadlines are listed on the calendar below:
Spring 2024 Refund Calendar
Summer 2024 Refund Calendar

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds may also be issued for financial aid awards in excess of a student's total bill, provided that the student's bill has been paid in full. Please consult the refund schedule below for financial aid refunds.

Term... Financial Aid Refunds will begin...
Spring 2024 January 8, 2024
Summer 2024 Check back for dates....

University Refund Policy (FINA 4.06)

Refund Exception Process

Students may appeal the refund process if they believe circumstances warrant exceptions to the published refund policy. Students must provide appropriate documentation of extraordinary circumstances and the appeal must be filed within the Academic Year for which the fees were paid. The appeals process is not to be used as a mechanism to avoid or delay fee payment. It is expected that fees were paid when due. Click on the link below to view the instructions and conditions that would qualify.

Refund Exception Form