Your Student Account

How to View Your Bill

(Please note that the University does not mail bills. You can access your bill 24/7 through your online student account. The Bursar's Office will send an email to students' uscb email accounts when bills are available each semester.)

  • Sign onto Self Service Carolina
  • Select the "Account Information" tab.
  • Select "Print Bill for Term".

How To Allow Your Parent/ Authorized User Access to Your Bill

(Please note that this only grants access to the bill and 1098-Tax form. Access to Financial Aid information is a separate authorization available in the Financial Aid Office.)

  • Sign into Self Service Carolina
  • Select the “Account Information” tab.
  • Select the “Payment Gateway” option.
  • Select the tab for “Authorized Users”.
  • Enter your parent’s (or other authorized individual’s) email address.
  • Select “Yes” for the 3 options listed below the email address if you wish the individual to have access to both the bill and the 1098 tax form.

How to Retrieve Your 1098-Tax Form

  • Log onto
  • Select the "Account Information" tab.
  • Select the Box labeled "Tax Documents by Year".
  • Enter the tax year you are looking for.