Club Sports

Fall 2022

Active club sports: men's basketball, women's volleyball, soccer


Club Sports FAQs

A club sport is a registered student organization which provides a program of instruction, recreation, and/or competition in a specific sport or recreational/physical activity.

  1. Club Sports must be registered student organizations in accordance with the University regulations governing student organizations.
  2. Club Sports must involve physical activity.
  3. Club Sports must provide instruction for all club members and provide competition against other universities for members when appropriate.

Club sports membership is open to current USCB students, faculty, and staff. Dependents, alumni, and guests are not eligible to participate.

Club sports take more investment and commitment than intramural sports. While intramural league teams will play about once a week, clubs will practice, on average, 2-3 times per week. Depending on the club, the financial investment can be greater as well. Most clubs have dues, along with personal costs coming throughout the semester (travel, uniforms, etc.) Club sports will also travel to other schools to play or have other schools come here to play. Intramural teams only play against other USCB intramural teams. Finally, a large component of Club Sports is the presence of an instructional element. Students participating in club sports should be receiving coaching and instruction to improve their skills within their sport. Intramurals does not provide or require this element.

Club sports are organized and managed by students. They range from competitive to recreational and are funded through student activity fees, club fundraisers, and membership dues. Clubs compete against other university club teams.

Organizations that wish to use University facilities and privileges must be officially recognized through a procedure administered by the Director of Campus Recreation. The chartering of new student organizations, applications for funding and use of campus facilities are made during the fall and spring semesters through the Office for Student Life. Recognition is obtained by submitting completed registration forms, membership lists and a constitution.

The first step is to talk with Lindsey Logue, Director of Campus Recreation. 4 students plus a faculty or staff advisor are needed to initiate the club.  You will then need to fill out an “organization recognition form” through Student Life to provide the following information: name, purpose, proposed functions or activities, proposed budget request of SGA, and signatures of the student applicant and faculty/staff sponsor.

Official recognition of a student organization does not by itself constitute any type of endorsement, sponsorship, or liability by USCB.


Club Sports Handbook


Contact Lindsey Logue for more information.