Blackboard for Students

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online course and learning management system available to the entire USCB community. Every course offered at USCB has a Blackboard course generated for it. All instructors of record and registered students have access to Blackboard and their course sites.

Need Assistance with Blackboard?

Blackboard Help Center

Log in to Blackboard

Use your USCB Network Username and Password to log into Blackboard. If you do not know your USCB Network Username and Password, you can get the information through

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields, and then click Login.

Log out of Blackboard

Why should you log out of Blackboard, instead of just closing the Blackboard window?
If you do not log out of Blackboard, and you are using a public computer, anyone who using the computer after you will have access to your Blackboard account, including your grades, tests, and documents. Use the Logout button located in the upper right corner to log out of Blackboard.

Access Your Class

From the My USCB tab, under My Courses, click a class link to access the class. Or, click the Courses tab, and then click a class link under Course List.

Student On Demand Videos

Helpful Playlists

All Student Videos

  • Blackboard Learn On Demand Tutorials for Students: The complete series of short video tutorials to help students learn how to use the various Blackboard Learn tools to be successful online.  The complete playlist for the entire series of video tutorials to help instructors learn how to use tools, design their courses, and assess students.

- For assistance, contact the ITSS Service Desk or call (843) 208-8086. -